Basuki Resobowo
Basuki Resobowo dalam film Kafedo (1953) sumber: Sinematek Indonesia

Basuki Resobowo as a Jack of All Trades: The Intersectionality of Arts and Film in Perfini Films and Resobowo’s Legacy in Indonesian Cinema

Journal Southeast of Now: Directions in Contemporary and Modern Art in Indonesia Volume 4, Number 2, Oktober 2020

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Dr. Huyung Film Indonesia
image source: kultur sinema

Identity, Minority, and the Idea of a Nation: a Closer Look on Frieda (1950) by Dr. Huyung

Journal of Korean and Asian Arts Vol. I, Spring 2020.  PDF.[KAA_01] 04. Identity, Minority, and the Idea of a Nation (U. Lestari) (2)

Samson Betawi by Nawi Ismail

About Boot and Its Traumatic Content: a Note on Benyamin Tukang Ngibul (1975) by Nawi Ismail. The paper was presented at Forum Festival by Arkipel: International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival 2019. PDF: Forum Festival Proceedings 2019_small

Garin Nugroho
Surat Untuk Bidadari (1994) by Garin Nugroho

Sumba From Java: Notes on Garin Nugroho, Ifa Ifansyah, and Mouly Surya Films. The paper was presented at Inter Asia Cultural Studies Conference 2019, August 1 – 3, Dumaguete City, Philippines. 

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Anak Sabiran di Balik Cahaya Gemerlapan by Hafiz

Behind The Flickering Light: The Archive and The Amateurs

Published in Nang Magazine. Available from

image source: IVAA

Jaring Perempuan

Essay on Indonesian Women Artists. Book Chapter. Membaca Arsip, Membongkar Serpihan, Friksi, Ideologi, Kontestasi: Seni Rupa Jogja 1990 – 2010. Link.