About Me

Umi Lestari is a writer, researcher, and teacher. She explores on the history, the aesthetics, and the politics of Indonesian cinema and its interdisciplinary aspects. Her scholarly articles have appeared in journals such as Southeast of Now and Korea and and Asian Arts. She has received New Emerging Writers Fellowship from Southeast of Now Journal. Besides given talks as an invited speaker at film festivals and academic forums, Umi has written articles for several online magazines such as Nang and Jurnal Footage. Currently, Umi Lestari is a lecturer at Film Department, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara.

Umi had been involved in film festivals as film selector in Arkipel International Documentary Film Festival (2015 – 2016), Apresiasi Film Indonesia 2015, Gelar Karya Film Pelajar 2018, Seashorts Film Festival 2021; and jury member in Festival Film Dokumenter 2020. Besides that, she was co-curator in the exhibition Bebas Tapi Sopan, in Galeri Nasional Indonesia at 2016. From 2010 – 2016, Umi was the editor of Media Sastra. 

Since 2021, Umi is part of the collective Kelas Liarsip that aiming to decipher the male dominated film scene in the history of Indonesian Cinema. Our on going project are research on women agency in Indonesian cinema, and also taking part in digitization project of Ratna Asmara. 

Instagram [at] michanlestari ; twitter [at] umi_lestari_