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Ratna Asmara and The Wild Classroom, public lecture Indonesian Film Heritage, Eye Filmmuseum, Summer 2o22

Jejak Tionghoa dalam Film Nusantara, Talk, March 2022

Nasionalisme Parsial dalam Film Nawi Ismail, journal article, Fall 2021

Arsip, Citra, dan Media, Talk, December 2021

Pameran Basuki Resobowo, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, October 2021

On Going Projects

ratna asmara

Ratna Asmara

Since mid 2020, I have been researching about Ratna Asmara, the first female director from Indonesia. In 2021, I joined Kelas Liarsip, where us as collective decipher the male dominated film scene in Indonesian film history. In 2022, Kelas Liarsip is able to digitize Dr. Samsi, the only film directed by Ratna Asmara that was kept in a private film archive. 

Basuki Resobowo

Basuki Resobowo is not only known as activist, painter, and art critic, but also as the art director for the first national film, The Long March (Blood and Prayer) produced in 1950. 

Basuki Resobowo